We would like to apologise was our Online Payment Option using your Credit Card is currently unavailable. We are currently working with our Web Designer to correct this problem. However we are still able to receive your online orders. When choosing "Payment Option" click "Cheque/Money Order" your order will be forwarded to us and Design Glass staff will phone or email you with our 2 payment options.

1) Design Glass will supply our Direct Debit details to receive your payment.
2) We will accept your Credit Card Details via the phone.


How To Use Our Website
How To Shop On- Line
Privacy Policy & Security


Please take a moment if your are first time visitor to our website - you may wish to read the quick descriptions on how to use our Website.You may also wish to read our - HOW TO SHOP - ON-LINE for those who have never Shopped On- Line before. Also our PRIVACY & SECURITYsection for your own peace of mind.

YOU?VE JUST ENTERED ?www.designglass.com.au?

The first page you entered was the ?Home Page? or ?Welcome Page? . To have arrived here you would have clicked on the ?Customer Service? button on the Menu Bar down the left hand side of the page but lets start from the top of your screen and work our way down.

You will notice the word ?Search? and a white rectangle beneath the word. If you wish to look for a particular item you type the name of what you are looking for in the rectangle and click on the word ?GO?. This will take you to a list of items that that word relates too. Just click on the entry that you are looking for and the product will appear.

Online Shopping - which is situated under the title ?DESIGN GLASS? - if you click on the word you will enter our ? On- Line Shopping? .

Tell A Friend - when you click on this ?Tab? a page will appear which will allow you type in a friends details and email them to let them know about ?www.designglass.com.au?.

Add To Favorites - when clicked you will add ?www.designglass.com.au? to your favourites list so you don?t have to remember the website address again. When ever you need us we will be right at your finger tips. PC uses click on the wording provided. Apple MacIntosh uses will have to hold down the ?Apple Key? and then press ?D?.

VIEW CART - this is to be used to see what you have in your shopping cart. You can view the contents at any time,delete an item and even change quantities of any item in your cart. You can then return shopping or proceed to check-out.

LINKS - this allows you to visit other interesting websites that are connected to www.designglass.com.au.

CONTACT US - If at any time you have a question or need to contact us - all you have to do is click on ?Contact Us? . Fill in the details and leave your message. Click send and we will email you back with the answer to your question.

HOME - Where ever you are in the site and you want to return to the ?HOME PAGE?. Just click on HOME and you will be back were you entered our website.

All the above tools remain at the top of your screen at all times.

MENU BUTTONS - These are situated down the left hand side of your screen and are coloured green - these buttons will change when entering our On - Line Shopping depending on which shop or department you enter but you will always be able to return to were you started as Menu Bars never leave the screen.

NAME AT THE TOP OF THE MENU BAR - This is very distinctive as it is written on a white background which allows you to know at all times what shop, gallery or page you are in.

ON - LINE SHOPPING - When you click on this button you will enter on-line shopping. The opening page will greet you with our specials and new products. The menu bar will change to an array of shops to visit. We have tried to simplify the on-line shopping process to allow you to visit your specific shop of interest and it is very easy to click from department to department and shop to shop.
Please visit our ?HOW TO SHOP? explanation if you are still unsure on how to Shop On Line. You will find this further down the page.

CLASSES - Design Glass offers a variety of Art Glass Classes. This page will inform you of the different classes offered and what is supplied in that class, dates, times and price. You are able to enrol and pay on-line which will confirm your place in the class.

GALLERY- Please visit our Galleries. We have a Stained Glass Gallery and Sandetched Gallery showing a small example of past commissions and displays created by Design Glass. We also have a Workshop Gallery which is dedicated to our hard working and creative students.

HISTORY -This will tell you who we are.

FREE PATTERNS - Please feel free to download our free patterns for your use. These will change from time to time. So please come back and visit us to see if there?s a new pattern or two.

PAYMENT & DELIVERY - This button when pressed will answer any questions you may have in regard to - How Do I Pay? When will I receive my goodies? What?s your Returns Policy?


MESSAGE BOARD - If you would like to leave a message or ask a question show us a picture of your latest creation please feel free to add it to the message board. Your question or answer may help many other visitors. Feel free to help a few of your fellow Art Glass Enthusiasts.

MAILING LIST -If you would like to be a member of our mailing list and receive our ?I - wanna - be - a - leadlighta? newsletter which will inform you of our specials and new products first - just click on the button and fill in your details. THIS IS FREE - SO JOIN UP NOW!

HOW TO SHOP ON LINE - It?s just like shopping down the main street!
HANDY HINT WHEN SHOPPING - If you are viewing a product and you require more information just click on the photo and you?ll receive a large photo and further information. To close this window just click ?X? and the window will close taking you back to the small photo.

Here is a quick insight into the shops you can visit.

GLASS SHOP - This shop is dedicated to the glass that is available on-line for purchasing. It is streamlined into colour order. So if you are looking for Blue Glass you click on the button that says ?BLUE?.

STAINED GLASS SHOP - This is for those people who are looking for anything relating to Stained Glass. Whether it be tools, books, lead etc. etc...

COPPERFOIL SHOP - If you are a Beginner Copperfoilist or a seasoned professional this is the shop for you.

GLASS MOSAIC SHOP - Mosaicing has become very popular recently and if you are looking at trying your hand at this form of Art Glass or if you?ve been hooked for some time - this is a nice place to go.

BEVELS & BAUBLES SHOP - This shop is dedicated to Bevels, Jewels, Nuggets, Rondels & Glass Baubles for all areas of Art Glass.

WARM GLASS SHOP - The Warm Glass Shop is currently still under construction. Visit again in the near future.

SPECIALTY SHOP - Specialty Items are for you to keep. An assortment of products to add to your studio.

MAILING LIST -If you would like to be a member of our mailing list and receive our ?I - wanna - be - a - leadlighta? newsletter which will inform you of our specials and new products first - just click on the button and fill in your details. THIS IS FREE - SO JOIN UP NOW!

HOME PAGE - If you wish to return to HOME PAGE just click the button.

Please don?t be frightened if you have never shopped on-line before or had much to do with the internet. IT?S EASY. We have tried to design our site as a ?User Friendly Environment?.

First you click on words ON - LINE SHOPPING. This will enter you into On-line Shopping (you have now enter the main street) the Menu Bar here will now change to show you the different shops you can enter.

Click on the SHOP you wish to visit. The Menu Bar now shows you all the departments in that shop, when you click on the department you wish to visit the products in that department will appear, you then scroll up and down the page to view all the products. When you click on the photograph a larger photograph and more detailed information will appear. Once you have viewed the information click the ?X? to close the window and continue browsing. If you wish to visit another department in the same shop just click on the new department on your Menu Bar you can move too and fro through the departments or back to ON - LINE SHOPPING (the main street) and into another shop.

If you would like to purchase any of the goodies from any of the shops or departments you can place them into your shopping cart and just keep shopping. To place an article in your cart, just fill in the "Quantity" required by changing the number in the box and click on the picture of the SHOPPING CART. At any time you can view whats in your shopping cart by clicking on the tab at the top of your page ?VIEW CART? . You can delete items from your cart or change quantities if you require more of the same item. The shopping cart will show you the number of items you have purchased , a description of the item and price. You are still free to continue shopping if you wish.

When you have completed shopping and would like to purchase - you will do a final check of your SHOPPING CART. When you are happy with everything in your cart you will be asked to ?PROCEED? and complete 4 easy steps.
Step 1 - You will be asked to fill in your name, delivery details, contact information and if you are an International Client.
Step 2 - You will then be shown the inofrmation you have given in Step 1 and the items in your Shopping Cart with delivery charges. A final check that your information and purchases are correct. You are now asked to pick your payment option - Credit Card or Cheque/Money Order. (International Clients can only choose Credit Card).
Step 3 - (Credit Card Option) - You will now enter a Secure Site to fill in your Credit Card Details.
Step 3 - (Cheque/Money Order Option) - All cheques/money orders must be in Australian Dollars and made in favour of Design Glass Pty Ltd. Goods will only be sent once your cheque/money order has be received and cleared.
Step 4 - You have now placed your order and the Design Glass Team will forward your purchases to you as soon as possible. You will be given a ?TRANSACTION NUMBER? . Please take a copy of this number or even print the page - Step 4 . This number is your receipt number and allows us to track the process of your order, for Cheque/Money Order Clients you must quote the number when forwarding your payment and on receipt of your goods if there is a problem this is the number you quote when you contact us.

If you are still unsure or require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.



Design Glass takes your privacy very seriously. All purchases and correspondence information related to our customers? transactions are considered confidential. This information is not rented,sold or traded to any third party. Design Glass holds the information you provide with highest security and will not use the information without your consent.