Abbey Glass
A Stained Glass supply house in the United States of America. Please note all pricing is in American Dollars.

Armstrong Glass
Armstrong Glass Company is one of the worlds largest producers of hand mixed art glass. Armstrong is a name associated with the highest quality in art glass. There is no mistaking Armstrong Glass for any other. It has a look and feel all its own.

Artists in Stained Glass
Non profit association of stained glass artists, glass craftspersons, architects, hobbyists, and more.

Artists Network
A comprehensive range of all art magazines.

Bournemouth Stained Glass
The UK's premier web site for all your Stained Glass needs.

Bullseye Glass
Bullseye Glass is a specialty glass manufacturing company in the United States of America. Specializing in glasses used in kiln work for slumping or fusing finishes.

Canterbury Stained Glass
Stained glass company in Ashland and Phoenix Oregon.

Cathedral Stained Glass
Stained glass tools and supplies in Desert Hot Springs.

Colored Sands Glass
Glass blowing supplies for the flameworker.

Dale Grundon
Stained glass designs Mount Gretna Pennsylvania.

Dodge Studio Designs
Stained glass patterns and custom stained glass designs.

Dragonfly Software
Software and Designs for Stained Glass.

Free Patterns on the Web
Free stained glass patterns and custom leaded glass for your home, business and house of worship.

Fusion Stained Glass
Wide selection of stained glass supplies, accessories, equipment, books, tools, and tiles.

Glass Change
Stained Glass publications from the latest magazines to book publications.

Glassworks Stained
Stained glass supplies and art glass tools.

Highway 1 Internet Services

His Glassworks
Suppliers of diamond plated tools and accessories including diamond laps, wheels, belts, and adhesives.

Hot Glass Color
Offering the highest quality colors and tools available to the glass artist.

John Beirs Studio
Creating stained glass windows for castles and cathedrals.

Kokomo Glass
Kokomo Opalescent Glass is the oldest manufacturer of opalesent and cathedra stained glass in the world. They have the ability to manufacture over 18,000 different colour/density/texture combinations, and have been in continuous operation since 1888.

Pompei & Company
Stained glass studio serving Boston, MA, and the New England region.

Spectrum Glass Company Inc
Spectrum is a manufacturer of specialty sheet glass for use in fine art glass, hobby-craft, Tiffany Stained Glass, mosaic glass. They produce nearly 200 glass products including Waterglass, Baroque, Artic, Iridescent Glass, multi colour mixes and textured colours.

Stained Glass Direct
Replacement stained glass for steel and fiberglass exterior doors, shipped direct to consumer.

Stained Glass Info
Stained Glass Industry's Resource For Information.

Stained Glass News U.K.
The latest news from the United Kingdom in Stained Glass.

Steinert Industries, Inc
Quality tools for the glass artist.

Sterling Publications
An array of craft books for all art glass crafts people.

Suzanne Cooper Stained Glass
Stained glass patterns, galleries, poetry and more.

The Stained Glass Emporium
Stained glass centre in Florida.

The Stained Glass Museum
A unique insight into the fascinating story of stained glass.

Transparent Dreams
Exceptional stained glass combining innovative design and precision craftsmanship. Site includes many images and educational texts.

Australian Arts & Crafts. Handmade ceramics art & custom design timber furniture.

Wissmach Glass Co.
Since 1904, The Paul Wissmach Glass Company's customers have provided an endless source of inspiration,resulting in some of the industry's finest glasses. Over the years, Wissmach has consistently developed new glasses to meet its customers' demands. Its' latest arrivals are the very popular English Muffle, Corella Classic and a new line of Mottle glass.

Zentrum Glass
Specializing in making unique raw materials for Stained Glass, Marble Makers, Gem Cutters, Fluorescent Mineral and Glass collectors.